On Tuesday, Minister Harish Rao met with many IT companies at the state secretariat to discuss issues such as employment opportunities. Mr. Sreekanth Kota - Delivery Manager represented our Fixity technologies Organization and visited the Telangana Secretariat yesterday for a meeting with Minister Harish Rao.On his occasion Minister Harish Rao said that with the ideas of Chief Minister KCR IT Minister's conspiracies many companies have already come forward by setting up IT towers in Karim Nagar Warangal Khammam and are providing job opportunities to local talented youth as part of this in Siddipet. He said that it is happy that leading IT companies are coming forward to create jobs in IT Tower, which has employment opportunities for 718 people. He said that companies like Fixity Technologies, Netvision, Jolan Tech, VisionTech, Amidai, Edutech, Infosole are coming forward to create jobs for more than 300 local youth. Companies that come to participate in IT Tower will get free maintenance, rent, electricity and internet for two years.

It is indeed a pleasure to witness the leading IT companies in the industry joining hands to create employment opportunities at the IT Tower. This is a great step towards providing employment to the people who are qualified and skilled enough to take up jobs in the field of IT. This move by the IT companies will significantly benefit the job market by creating more opportunities in the field of technology, thus providing the people with better prospects. This move will ensure that the IT Tower is able to provide employment to those who have the right set of skills, thus leading to a more capable workforce. The IT Tower, with its employment drive, will be providing the much-needed boost to the economy by providing jobs to those who can benefit from them.