Complete services/products tracking system tailored for you

Easy implementation | Robust features | Interactive interface

Fixity Vendor Tracking System is a dynamic platform that assists in maintaining the database of services/tools and associated detailed data and information across departments and countries. It organizes services/tools into two major categories: Prospects and Enrolled. You can also add an optional extended category that can be integrated as Recommended based on Al.

Verifies and eliminates inconsistencies

It tracks where the services/products are being used and who is using them.

The application ensures smooth operations at organizations as it functions as a single source of information system for any type of data required to conduct regular day-to-day activities without issues. VTS registers and tracks and wide spectrum of tools and services used in the organization.

  • - Infrastructure
  • - Recruitment & Job Boards
  • - Accounts & Finance
  • - Human Resource
  • - Insurance
  • - Software development & Utilities
  • - Web & Email
  • - Digital Marketing
  • - Access management
VTS manages maintenance and streamlines everything

Quick maintenance allows end-users to assign maintenance tasks to individual employers

Every Service/tool is associated with different types of data from basic tool/plan information to advance service history, renewals, usages, offers, and interactions with the service provider. Fixity Vendor Tracking System keeps a track of all of this data on a single platform. It offers the users an interactive dashboard where they can plan and manage services/tools effectively.

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