Organize And Manage Your Team Like A Boss With Fixity Task Master

This task management software is packed with more capabilities than you can imagine.

When it comes down to choosing the right task management software, ensuring these two features is a must:

Ease of use

Coincidentally, that's exactly what you get when you choose Task Master-task management software that's easy to use and features dozens of collaboration tools.

Integrated With The Best Task Management Features

In addition to all the basic task management features, it also includes advanced activity and reviews management features.

Some of the most notable features of this software include

  • -
    An aid to avoid missing deadlines and act like an alert system to focus on tasks that have elapsed deadlines.
  • -
    Allows to manage tasks according to priority. The tasks which are required on an emergency basis can be highlighted as special tasks.
  • -
    The label management feature allows users to filter tasks with ease.
  • -
    It allows users to tag multiple collaborators and reviewers to a single task.
  • -
    It helps to increase the productivity of employees by tracking and reviewing tasks.

Task Master Is So Much More Than Just A Simple Task Manager.

It is a useful tool that supports productivity and collaboration between teams.

Task Master provides users with effective dashboards that display key performance indicators on a region, department, Team, and individual basis.

This application also comes with an Add-in to outlook feature that supports the generation of tasks from emails with little interaction. Managers and Executive Officers can also assign tasks, track tasks and associated action items, and review in a timeline.

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