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Fixity Performance Tracking System is a must-have HR and Management tool to track and visualize the performance of resources in a multi-dimensional way. The application is equipped with an intuitive UI that allows the interactive visualization of reports in tables and charts. It presents various KPIs by analyzing data associated with points of interest. It also helps in driving the organization's performance and engaging employees to do their best work.

Drive Performance When You Need It The Most

Identify top performers and equip everyone with the right equipment to help them succeed.

This Performace Tracking System integrates various services through REST API and provides API to external applications for specialized reporting dashboards. It also offers the provision to include and customize various attributes associated with different types of resources/services. It is a holistic platform that connects employee performance, feedback, and career growth. Build and elevate the culture of continuous growth and development with this holistic application.

Embrace Continuous Performance Management

When your people transform, your business management does too.

With Fixity Performance Tracking System, on-demand and timely reports can be generated without processing raw data manually with excel sheets. It is also equipped with a centralized dashboard that supports easy navigation from one KPI to another KPI, and one department and/or region to another department and/or region. It gives managers the tools they need to understand how their team is performing in real time and become better coaches.

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